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Ascension Alliance, LLC was founded by Hazel Boyd in June of 2018. Hazel began her career in the operating room with the United States Army in 1998 where she served for 8 years. She has been actively working in healthcare since where she manages logistics and workflows while leading dynamic teams to be motivated, productive, and empowered.

Hazel has always been committed to self-exploration and growth, but following heavy grief and a number of tragic events in her life, she questioned her purpose and set out to be more aligned with her passions. Hazel knew that there had to be more to life. That curiosity led her to the purpose work of serving others. Hazel completed a life coaching program that changed her life by helping to heal old wounds from trauma and come to a place where peace and joy actively fill days. She wants to do the same for YOU! 

Hazel lives in Boston, MA where she loves to spend time with her family. Hazel is a mother, leader, medical professional, and a mentor with a strong desire to help others in their quest for a better life. Her passion for community and children is evident in her daily work, life, and charity efforts. She is also an avid runner, author, life coach, and philanthropist.

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